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10 Of The Best Coffee Brands: Ultimate Guide


Choose your coffee from the top world brands. This is your guide to the finest beans available, many of which can be purchased online.

Among the thousands of coffee companies headquartered in every corner of the world, several of them stand out for dependable quality. Some of these coffee brands are familiar names and can be found on retail store shelves. Others are sold either through specialty outlets or through direct mail. If you are in the market for a new, exciting coffee brand because you’re burned out on your good old standby, check out these manufacturers and what they have to offer.

1) Green Mountain Roaster

This is an exceptional blend, made from the finest Arabica beans. The brand is available in several different varieties including Columbian Fair Trade, Kenyan AA, and Double Black Diamond.

2) Peet’s

From San Francisco comes this delicious bean roast. Peet’s specializes in darker French roast varieties for the discriminating consumer. These coffee bean roasts are used by Starbucks and other well-known coffee stores.

3) Folgers

One of the most familiar names in the industry, Folgers Coffee actually produces some very nice specialty varieties. Aside from the usual drip maker coffee seen on store shelves, the company also manufactures some dark roasts from top-of-the-line Columbian beans. Folgers Coffee has been one of the world’s best-selling brands for more than a century.

4) Gloria Jean’s

Originally from Chicago, Gloria Jean’s coffee houses are now found worldwide and is one of the more recognizable coffee brands in the world. This company’s products are now constantly on most of the critics top 10 list.

5) Seattle’s Best Coffee

What began as a small roasting operation is now a worldwide sensation. Seattle’s Best Coffee features every conceivable roast variety including some of the finest espresso grinds on the planet. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Starbuck’s.

6) Nescafé

Made by the Nestlé company, this popular retail brand has been going strong since 1938. The original blend was actually developed in Switzerland. The company often markets limited-time blends, some of which rival the best brands in North America and Europe.

7) Blue Mountain Coffee

From Jamaica comes this exceptionally pleasing variety of blends. Blue Mountain is produced using the finest Jamaica Coffee Industry Board certified beans. Most of the blends come from micro-farms in the Blue Mountain region. Blue Mountain Coffee is noted for its strong bite and incredible aroma.

8) Caribou Coffees

The second-largest espresso and specialty coffee chain in the United States after Starbuck’s, Caribou offers some of the most carefully blended varieties to be found anywhere. This company prides itself on the unique taste of its most popular blends.

9) Kopi Luwak

Not one of the more well-known brands, but certainly one of the finest. The coffee is made from Indonesian beans that are eaten by the palm civet. After the undigested beans are excreted by the animal, they are gathered, cleaned, and roasted. This is a truly one of the more unique coffee companies.

10) Dunkin’ Donuts

The popular doughnut and breakfast pastry chain is becoming more and more famous for its coffee blends. Although coffee was always on the menu, the medium and dark roasts now available are similar in quality to what is found at Starbuck’s and Caribou. Dunkin’ is now a nationally recognized top-quality coffee brand.


Natasha D.