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How To Guide For Creating And Finding Coffee Mugs


This article first unpacks the three criteria for a good coffee mug, briefly listing some places to buy one. Lastly, it explains how to create your own personalized mug.

If you are like me, the only thing that can improve a cup of coffee in the morning is the mug you put it in. Good coffee mugs are the key to any coffee aficionado’s morning; each mug meets a rigorous set of coffee drinker criteria, dependent on size, material, and display of wit. Together, these three elements can break even the best coffee mugs, so it’s important to know where to find them.

Where to Buy

No one wants to break the bank finding a good mug, which is why it’s a good thing a great, cheap mug is easy to come by. Yard sales are a great place to buy inexpensive coffee mugs, and a quaint, vintage gem is easy to find.

However, if mugs with history aren’t your thing, most retail stores carry them. Retail giants Marshall’s, Ross, and TJMaxx often carry trendy cups at $3-$6 apiece, depending on the size.

Travel coffee mugs are only slightly more difficult to find. While you won’t necessarily find them as frequent in yard sales, other retail stores like Target or Walgreens often carry them. If retail stores aren’t your thing, however, online stores such as Cafe Press feature great options for travel coffee mugs and more.

Cafe Press has an assortment of coffee mugs, including various funny coffee mugs to appease the sarcastic or even the proudly immature.

Some of these previous locations even allow you to personalize your mug. What better way to meet one of the three criteria for the best coffee mugs than to have one of your very own personalized coffee mugs? Of course, you could make your own personalized mug easily.

What You Need

To make your own personalized coffee mugs, you need only a few simple tools and your imagination. What’s the benefit of creating your own mug? Well, It’s fast, fun, and cheap. Most of these items can be picked up from your local dollar store.

All you need is…

–A plain coffee mug
–Rubbing alcohol (and a wipe/cotton swab to apply it with)
–Cookie sheet

What to Do

Set the oven to 350 degrees then wash your new, plain mug. When the cup is clean, dry the surface, then wipe the outside (where you plan to draw) with the rubbing alcohol. This helps the Sharpie stick longer. When the surface of the cup is dry, grab your Sharpie and doodle or stencil directly on the cup whatever you want: letters, quotes, a pretty cool mustache. This was a great way to create the funny coffee mugs I always wanted. When the masterpiece is done, place the cups on a cookie sheet and into the oven for 30 minutes.

To keep these mugs looking great as long as possible, hand wash only.


Natasha D.